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The Grand Blanc appellate lawyers at Winegarden, Haley, Lindholm, Tucker & Himelhoch, PLC are dedicated to providing clients the highest caliber representation in all phases of litigation, including appeals. The firm excels at appealing diverse trial court rulings, and also successfully defends lower court victories on appeal. We do so by keeping abreast of litigation trends and ever-changing case law.

Our attorneys monitor each case the firm tries for potential points of appeal, ensuring any errors against us are preserved for post-trial relief and that we are prepared to defend rulings in your favor. Likewise, we review any cases we accept from other firms for challenges such as:

  • Sufficiency of the evidence
  • Improper legal interpretation
  • Expert admission
  • Procedural errors
  • Faulty jury instructions

Our appellate law experience includes filing:

  • Motions for post-trial relief
  • Motions to vacate
  • Motions for reconsideration
  • Motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict
  • Appeal briefs
  • Writs
  • Amicus curiae briefs

Our appellate attorneys have the legal knowledge needed to handle briefing and oral arguments before state and federal appellate courts throughout Michigan.

Lawyer’s lawyer 

Many lawyers want to and should focus primarily on the front end of the practice — getting cases settled or tried.  Appeals are a specialized practice that many lawyers are not equipped or willing to pursue.  Our lawyers are often called upon to be a lawyer’s lawyer — counsel who takes over the appeal or consults to help ensure a favorable result.

Winegarden, Haley, Lindholm, Tucker & Himelhoch, PLC handles a diverse array of issues on appeal

Our appellate attorneys take on many types of cases coming out of the different state and federal court levels, as well as from administrative proceedings. A sampling of some of the appeals handled includes:

Ghaus Malik and Sahib Malik v Shakeeb Salamy and D.E.S. Building Co., Inc., et al., State of Michigan Court of Appeals Case No. 264780. Bloomfield Township homeowners fired and sued their general contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers on the construction project who recorded claims of lien against the real property. WHLT&H counter-claimed for damages and to foreclose a lien on behalf of one of the subcontractors and received a significant award for all amounts sought plus costs, attorney fees and time price differential charges after a trial before both the judge and a jury. The homeowners challenged the validity and perfection of the subcontractor’s lien, the correctness and sufficiency of the court’s ruling and the court’s award of time price differential charges among other items. WHLT&H and its client prevailed as the Court of Appeals denied the appeal on all eight of the issues raised. The homeowners were subsequently forced to pay in full after a further appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court was rebuffed (which appeal WHLT&H also contested).

Fred Baki and Judith L. Baki v Patrick Kelly and Wendy Kelly, State of Michigan Court of Appeals Case No. 226780. In this property border dispute between two lakefront homeowners, WHLT&H received an award for Plaintiffs that they were the owner of a disputed strip of real property running along the border of the contesting neighbor’s property on a theory of acquiescence. The neighbors appealed this decision and WHLT&H also represented Plaintiffs on appeal. The trial court’s ruling was affirmed on all issues appealed and the new border was established as argued by WHLT&H. 

Jeffrey Benjamin v Savin Lake Service, Inc, State of Michigan Court of Appeals Case No. 304246. This case involved a claim of unjust discharge in violation of the civil rights laws. After a bench trial in the circuit court, where the judge refused Plaintiff’s request for a jury trial, WHLT&H appealed and obtained a reversal of the decision on the basis that the circuit court improperly denied a trial by jury. As a result, the matter was remanded back to the circuit court for the case to be re-tried before a jury.

Committed appellate law firm in Michigan

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